The ACE Advantage

How Smart Companies Unleash Talent for Optimal Performance

by William A. Schiemann

Published by Society for Human Resource Management

William Schiemann
The ACE Advantage Cover

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The ACE Advantage answers today's most challenging questions about talent investments:

  • Are we bringing in, developing and retaining the right talent?
  • Are we sourcing talent strategically?
  • Are we using the talent we have acquired optimally?
  • Are we developing leaders effectively?
  • Can we measure talent optimization and improve areas where we are not optimal?

The ACE Advantage is a must have tool for every organization!! It provides a strategic and systemic process for measuring and optimizing an organization's talent investment, using the People Equity framework introduced in Reinventing Talent Management. In this new book, Dr. Schiemann shares how the three core factors of Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement (ACE) provide an important basis for optimizing talent, measuring performance, nurturing high potential leaders, and holistically managing talent management processes.

He explores the great practices used by high-performing companies to drive up the value of their organization's human resources and reveals the seven stages to becoming a high ACE organization, one that obtains the greatest leverage from its labor and talent investment today and continuously creates sustainable talent for tomorrow!

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